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Inspired by the rhythms of the natural world and the miraculous beauty of rainbows and starfish, it isn't difficult to recognize that religious education is more than what happens on Sunday morning in classrooms at our churches. And although most children are innately spiritual, they sometimes need guidance to hold on to that wonder and awe as they grow and change. This is why religious education is so vitally important.

Here you will find a selection of Unitarian Universalist curricula created by Michelle Mason Richards. 
Her unique approach to religious education curricula synthesizes the interests of today's children and youth who are growing up in a world of continuously evolving technology and their special needs for faith development. Borrowing heavily from visual media as well as music and utilizing a host of Internet links throughout, her curricula offer youth a chance to learn and explore their faith on their own terms and in their own way. 

For more information on Unitarian Universalism, visit the UUA website, and for more independent authors of Unitarian Universalist curricula, check out the website of the Unitarian Universalist Curriculum and Resource Developers. 


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