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Tending the Flame


             Deep questions about life don’t happen only on Sunday morning.  They happen when you least expect them: while driving to the grocery store, when a child loses a soccer game, or when a dead bird is found in the yard.  Sometimes they happen when you feel least prepared to answer them:  when a child witnesses a homeless person, when another child’s religion presents obstacles to friendship, or when someone a child loves dies.

            Opportunities to deepen a child’s spiritual life and enrich their faith don’t always happen on Sundays, either.  Experiencing the awe of the Grand Canyon, witnessing a butterfly emerging from a cocoon, or the beauty of a sunrise all raise issues of faith and spirituality.  As parents, we can use these teachable moments of everyday life and those opportunities for spiritual expression.  We can help our children grow in faith and belief just as we help them to learn their multiplication tables.

            Tending the Flame offers ways that parents can use some of their precious time together for bonding through spiritual practices and celebrating what it means to be a Unitarian Universalist as part of everyday life.  And because Unitarian Universalist parents sometimes face challenges that other parents do not, Tending the Flame also provides some strategies and solutions that other Unitarian Universalist parents have created to meet those challenges.

  Tending the Flame can be ordered through Skinner House books or through Shancar Publications.

"Michelle Richards has given us a practical, empowering and grace-filled resource for parents who yearn to support their children in deepening and living out their Unitarian Universalist faith. Her sensitivity to theological diversity and to the nuances of different developmental stages will make the book useful in every household. You will find here a treasure trove of practical and simple things to do and the reasons for doing them." 
            -Jeanne Nieuwejaar, author, The Gift of Faith: Tending the Spiritual Lives of Children

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