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Popcorn Theology Too: The Sequel

Popcorn Theology Too: The Sequel extends the concept and popularity of movie night to explore issues of theology and ethics for Unitarian Universalists.  This curriculum builds upon the original Popcorn Theology, which is versatile and flexible. Each session has a selected excerpt which lasts approximately 15 to 20 minutes to allow for the one-hour RE format of most congregations, however, the entire movie can be shown in a longer format and used with additional suggested activities and discussion questions.

Popcorn Theology Too uses primarily movies that are rated PG or PG-13 to explore theological and ethical issues with middle school or high school age youth. However, the two bonus sessions on racism and gender oppression have movies that are rated R. The feature films and their themes included in these sessions are:

        Apollo 13 (creativity and flexibility can be literally a life-saver)
        Gattaca (how perfectionism leads to oppression)
        Life of Pi (taming the tiger in all of us)
        Jesus Christ Superstar (he is who we say he is)
        Spiderman (with great power comes great responsibility)
        Star Trek: First Contact (fear & anger)
        Traitor (the fine line between terrorism and patriotism)
        The Hunger Games (economic disparity)
        Million Dollar Baby (the right to die)
        X-Files: I Want to Believe (the power of belief)
        I, Robot (what constitutes intelligent life?)
        Knowing (how does knowing the future change what we do?)
        Jesus Camp (indoctrination and political activism)
        Stargate: The Ark of Truth (the lesser of two evils)
        Gandhi (the way of truth and love)
        Super 8 (bad things happen, but you can still live)
        Paycheck (we have the power to make it happen)
        Evan Almighty (random acts of kindness can change the world)

PLUS TWO BONUS SESSIONS with movies rated R:

        Dead Man Walking (the death penalty and racism)
        Boys Don't Cry (oppression of transgender persons)
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