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Popcorn Theology

Popcorn Theology takes the concept and popularity of movie night to explore issues of theology and ethics for Unitarian Universalists.  This curriculum is versatile and flexible and there are a myriad of ways congregations can use this format in their programs:

        as part of Sunday morning RE classes
        as a special "movie night" event
        as part of an overnight event for youth

Each session has a selected excerpt which lasts approximately 15 to 20 minutes to allow for the one-hour RE format of most congregations, however, the entire movie can be shown in a longer format and used with additional suggested activities and discussion questions.

The original Popcorn Theology for Youth curriculum uses movies rated PG or PG-13 to explore theological and ethical issues with middle school or high school age youth. The feature films and the themes explored are:

        Back to the Future (how our choices affect the future)
        Star Trek Generations (finding inner peace)
        Forrest Gump (cultivating an attitude of gratitude)
        Saved! (between right and wrong)
        Little Buddha (the concept of karma)
        Star Trek: The Final Frontier (how truth is determined by perspective
        Oh, God! (thinking about the big questions)
        Bruce Almighty (things we have control over and those we do not)
        Heaven Can Wait (concept of a soul)
        Contact (the conflict between faith and science)
        Bowling for Columbine (fear and violence in our society)
        Hotel Rwanda (how inaction leads to injustice)
        Jurassic Park (ethics and science)
        Dances with Wolves (being open to the "other")
        Willow (overcoming self doubt)
        The Fellowship of the Ring (overcoming temptation)
        Hoosiers (offering forgiveness)
        Field of Dreams (achieving our dreams)

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