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Family Ministry

Family demographics have changed a great deal in the past few decades, and families no longer feel obligated to take their children to church.  So what makes your congregation a priority that is worthy of competing with all of the other choices a family has on Sunday morning (or whenever your worship gathering happens)? If we don't offer them what they need, then what makes them want to come?

Another reality of parenting in this generation is that many family members often spend much of their time away from one another. In two-wage earner middle class families, parents often spend a great deal of time shuffling their children from one activity to another.  More and more children are being raised by single mothers or as part of two different households through joint custody arrangements following a divorce.  Blended families attempt to integrate two or more families into a cohesive whole and there is a growing number of children being raised by BGLT couples who are married or living out a long time commitment with one another.

Parents raising their kids in an urban environment have much different needs from those raising their families in a rural or suburban area. Likewise, military families face their own unique challenges.

All this means that it may be necessary to determine what the needs are of parents who currently attend your congregation or those parents who are in your local area but are "unchurched." This power point presentation was part of a workshop presented at the Unitarian Universalist General Assembly last summer.  View it as a guide in determining your own priorities with the intention of discovering what parents in your area need.
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