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Come Into the Circle

    Since children have unique needs for faith development and the desire to explore their spiritual natures with trusting, caring adults, Come Into the Circle: Worshiping with Children details the process of planning and offering worship services which include children.  

    Although worshiping with children may involve many of the same elements as a service aimed at adults, giving children the opportunity to worship in their own way offers them the chance to build connections and affirms their need to celebrate the specialness of life.

Come Into the Circle can be ordered from Skinner House books or through Shancar Publications.

Table of Contents:

What Children Need from Worship
Setting Worship Goals
Target Audience
Styles of Worship
Creating a Framework
Considering Content
Stories and Mini-Sermons
Meditation and Prayer
Intergenerational Worship

Child-Friendly Worship Resources
Chalice Lightings and Opening Words
Spoken Meditations
Guided Meditations
Responsive Readings and Litanies
Closing Words
Orders of Service

For More Information and Ideas
Multicultural Resources


What People Are Saying About Come Into the Circle:

"Richards has taken the worry out of planning children’s worship and replaced it with wisdom and joy.  From setting worship goals, to choosing child-friendly hymns, to finding stories that illustrate our Principles,
Come Into the Circle
is a resource I’ll be turning to again and again."
 — Phil Lund, Lifespan Program Director, Prairie Star District


"A gem for the bookshelves of every minister, religious educator, worship leader and church library, Come Into the Circle taps many different Unitarian Universalist voices, utilizing our Principles and Sources to invite our young people into a sense of their greater connection with one another and the universal.”

               — Makanah Morriss, Director of the UUA Religious Education Department (1992-1998)


"Come Into the Circle is both practical and inspirational, theoretical yet down-to-earth.  Even after three decades in religious education work with children, I found myself eagerly turning the pages and alternately saying to myself, ‘Of course,’ and then excitedly, ‘Now there’s something new I need to try.’”

               — Randolph Becker, minister, Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Key West, Florida




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